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A Season of Self Care

Feel Good, connected to you. Reset your compass to succeed in your health and wellness. 

to Begin Jan  2023

A Season of Self care

is a 16 week journey of transformational self care, for a special group of people who wish to prioritise their heath and wellness, so they can finally see the positive health results they desire.

This course is for you if you are ;

  • Frustrated because when you try to implement your health and wellness goals you are not succeeding. 

  • Feeling exhausted and stressed with not enough hours in the day to give yourself what you need.

  • Feeling depleted and burnt-out, looking after everyone else's needs before your own.

  • Feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from yourself.


 And you want to;

  • Take action on the things that matter to you and feel you are moving towards your health and wellness goals. (loosing that extra weight you are carrying, enroling in the art class you have been dreaming about, setting aside some time for yourself. ) 

  • Find balance in your life, so there is time for yourself as well as others needs.

  • Meet your own needs and go after what you want. 

  • Feel more connected to yourself, your needs, skills, and visions for yourself for the future. 

  • Learn to manage what is holding you back from taking those steps in loving yourself.

  • Develop self-love and healthy appreciation for yourself.

  • Create more balance in your life.

  • Connect with likeminded people who inspire each other to grow.


It is time to prioritise yourself and your needs so you see results in your health and wellness


still feel able to give fully to others.

We all know that self care is a good thing, giving more to yourself increases  health, happiness and enjoyment, not to mention the extra vitality and energy you have for your passions and to give to those you love.


But, all too often we’re too busy. Stressed. There’s just too much going on. We neglect self care and things suffer, we are not as fine as we like to pretend we are. If we’re honest, we’re probably not spending as much time on ourselves as we need to.....

So why don't we do Self Care? 

When we have good intentions but don't formulate a self care plan or lifestyle change we can end up 

  • Prioritising others needs instead of our own.

  • Avoiding or procrastinating and ending up not having time for the things we want to do most.

  • Not looking after ourselves, like getting too little sleep, making poor food choices etc....

  • We come up against resistance, (what stops us) and this is why, in the past, we haven't reached our goals.

  • Finding it hard to stay committed and stay consistent with our plans and motivation dwindles.


During this course we explore what is getting in the way of the results you desire. And the supportive environment of the group will keep you on track and consistent with your self care. Everything is in place to succeed. 


This course will help you to break out of your unhelpful habits and implement new ones that feel good.

What's included in the course.



and Resources 

  • Inspiring videos/audios delivered to you each week.

  • Guided Meditations

  • Many Tools and Practices to explore 

Online Education

The weekly resources gives you an enjoyable and simple structure to progress through, staying on track towards your health and wellness goals.

Community and Connection

  • Private  group for sharing and inspiration.

  • Accountability partners.

Online Socializing

 A group of like-minded souls to support you every step of the way. Get inspiration, encouragement and feedback from others in the group. developing friendship, support and connection from people who are like you. You don’t have to do it alone.

Twice Monthly Live Zoom Calls

  • Group live ZOOM calls - Coaching  Inspiration and  support.

  • Questions and Answers

  • Sharing progress and insights.

Women Holding Hands

This is where you and me and the group are together twice a month to re connect with any questions, progress ahas etc.... A place to lift each other up. Staying in a beautifully positive energetic vibration for our growth and development and to keep us on track.


  • 21 Days on your Mat 0nline course

  • Kindling your Inner Sparkle online course

  • Use of Affirmations

  • E-book A Year of Self care

  • Playlists

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

A wonderful array of practices to help support your self love journey. Physical movement practices, meditations, affirmations and monthly playlists to keep you in the right mindset and motivated throughout the program.

I will lead you, step by step, to look into areas of your life where more loving and self care practices can be brought in. We will be doing this together with lots of support from myself and others in our online community. It is going to be fun and easeful. 


There will be personalised input from me during the live zoom calls and private group, accountability from others in the group, support and group connection. It is far harder to succeed on your own, than on a journey with the support and help of others.


AND When we find connection with people who are on a similar path to us, deep friendships, support, inspiration and motivation are created. And most of all results;

we can do this together.

A Season of Self Care

is a 16 week program  for a special group of people who wish to prioritise their heath and development in the area of self care and love for themselves. 

The course is a combination of self study with weekly videos/audios and live coaching zoom calls to inspire and dive deeper, community support with a private group and accountability partners creating a transformational experience for you. ........


It is far harder to succeed on your own than on a journey with the support and help of others.

Woman with Warm Jacket

"I feel I am finally taking care of myself."

"Ruth has been a wonderful mentor, wise yet light in both attitude and direction empowering me to find my own path and holding my hand along the process path. Thank you Ruth."

I am ready to do it all again!! 

"I do alot of self care anyway but then I thought well you can never do enough!! " 

Smiling Woman
"Through this course I have felt gently held, supported and accepted to reconnect with accessible and doable self care acts."  
"My biggest challenge at the start of the course was just liking myself again. Sometimes I forget who I am, the course guided me to connecting back in with myself honestly." 
"An amazing uplifting , nurturing experience. Ruth is a fantastic teacher with a kind loving energy."

"I have discovered that self care is the bedrock of all else and actually by prioritising my self care everything else will fall in to place. I have undone some hard held beliefs which it turns out we’re sabotaging my feelings of wellness and control. As I near the end of my 3 month course with Ruth, I feel better equipped to move forward in my life gently with self love and gratitude at the core to bring me closer to my life visions and aims. I feel aligned and confident. "

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Beginning Jan 2023

Investment £695


(there are 2 concessionary places email me for details)

Payments to Ruth Bush



Monthly instalments are welcomed please email to arrange

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When you join a Season of Self Care we will begin a beautiful journey of 16 weeks together, to prioritise you.

Starting Jan 2023

Each week you will have a short audio or video to explore, reflect upon, share with your accountability partner and the group and implement if you so choose.


These weekly practices and reflections will gently guide you through an easy structured process, to make self care a happy and easeful part of your life.

So you feel able to implement your individualised self care and health plan. 


Throughout this course I have brought together many really powerful self care and self love practices that I use and have seen others integrate in their lives. They have the potential to change the way you see self care and your relationship with yourself, having a huge impact on your life as you implement the changes you desire.

This course is not talking about fluffy bubble baths etc (although I do love a good bubble soak) but truly impactful self care that talks self worth and love for yourself so it oozes out in every area of your life.

I have Included  some extra bonuses for you, that will support you on your self care journey. Have a peep below.

Woman with Warm Jacket

"Connecting with others was brilliant, on your own you only have yourself. When there are others you can see it from different perspectives." 

"The course was really helpful and well put together, I thought with lots of tools and suggestions. Bringing the awareness to areas that you may not think about when you think of self care."

"I learnt so many new things. Ruth lead us into lots of areas of self care that I hadn’t payed attention to before."

Smiling Woman
Throughout the course I have felt a kind of softening towards myself and others and more awareness of the gremlins, rules and expectations that we set for ourselves. 
" I didn’t realise how hard I was being on myself and I was looking in perhaps the ‘wrong’ places for self care.." 
"When I get into a low place, the self care course has given me the tools to get out of the down so I can care about myself again." 

"I loved our get togethers online, it felt really lovely to be able to have that space to listen to how everyone was getting on and to share our own stuff, it felt like we became a little family. "

"I really enjoyed the meditations, they were very insightful. I had these aha moments."

"The support from the others in the group was amazing. You can share in a safe place, there was no judging, you are all there for one another and everyone understands." 

  What you will be getting 


  •  3 modules are:

        #1 - Knowing yourself.

       #2 - Creating Balance and understanding what is stopping me do self care.

       #3 - Loving Self for Life.

  • Weekly video/audios and learning materials delivered into the Season of Self Care Portal.

  • Twice monthly group ZOOM coaching calls with me on a Wednesday evening 7-30pm UK time, for group coaching, discussions, questions and answers, sharing and discussions. Dates for the zoom calls are Jan 18th, Feb 1st, Feb 15th, March 1st, March 15th, March 29th, April 12th, April 26th. 

  • Private group (What's App for sharing ongoing insights, growth, support and inspiration.)

  • Accountability Partners meeting weekly. (partners are rotated every few weeks)

  • Worksheets, with guided practices.

In addition you will be getting these bonuses to compliment the course.


  •  A Treasury of Relaxing and enjoyable Guided Meditations which compliment your learning materials which include: 

  1. My  Perfect Day  

  2. Future Self 

  3. Choosing my Self Care 

  4. Drop into Gratitude State

  5. Protective energetic container

  6. Meeting and integrating all parts of you

  7. Opening to love 

  8. Receiving Guidance - Tapping into your inner wisdom

  9. Peace and Surrender process

  10. Drinking Love 

  11. Empowering Identity - Our Clothes of Identity 

  12. Forgiveness - Self Compassion

  13. Confident and Loving you

  • Affirmation Book - affirmations for the Chakras

  • 21 Days on your Mat - This is a wonderful video resource to help you get on your yoga mat to build a daily movement practice. It involves 21 days of 10 -20 minute yoga practices.

  • Kindling your Inner Sparkle - Here we explore yoga and energetic practices, the theme being to top up our inner cup so we feel vibrant, both inside and out. We will move and stretch the body to feel alive and to balance this in restorative practices. We weave in different focuses in the classes; loving kindness, releasing obstacles, gratitude, breath, fluidity of the spine, and feel good flows as tools to keep our inner flame burning brightly. I do hope you will enjoy. There are over 16 hours of practices, gentle and Multilevel yoga, where the classes build on the previous weeks theme,  although any of the classes can be done as stand alone classes too.

  • Checklists and Worksheets

  • E-Book - A Year of Self-Care 

When trying to build a habit of self-care, it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you have been neglecting yourself. There are so many different areas you can focus on it can seem overwhelming. This book is organised so you can focus on one habit at a time. 

  • Energetic Self Care Practices 

  1. Meridian Rub

  2. Protective energy container

  • Uplifting Playlists 



This course will  not only change the way you think and feel about yourself, but have a profound impact upon your life.

Living from a place of self love and care for yourself means you are going to make choices that truly feel right,  harnessing your joy for life.  Stepping forward with who you are and what you believe in, not worrying about what others may think, or that you may not be deserving.  Feeling great about who you are.

When we connect in deeply with ourselves we can discover some inner restrictions or fear to give ourselves this love and care. This journey will give you the spaciousness to meet and explore some  of those inner restrictions so we can settle in a place of love for ourselves and others.

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Beginning Jan 2023

Investment £695


(there are 2 concessionary places email me for details)

Payments to Ruth Bush



Monthly instalments are welcomed please email to arrange

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How long is the Season of Self Care course?

A Season of Self Care runs for 16 weeks, Starting  Jan 2023. You will get access to all the resources via a private portal on my membership website, which will be released every week, in addition we have the live ZOOM group coaching calls twice Monthy, Wednesday of the month 7-30pm UK time. 


Once the 16 weeks are complete and all course content has been released, you will have access to the entire library of training materials inside the membership portal and you can revisit and review as often as you like. You will also keep your access to the private group so you can keep in touch with the people you have connected with during the course. 

Will I get any individual attention in this group program?

This is a group program, with extra accountability &  support from like-minded souls in the group. I do love engaging on an individual level, so there will be plenty of opportunities for that to happen during this program in the zoom calls and groups.

If you are wanting individual coaching we can discuss how that in addition to the course may work for you. 

How will I get the training materials? Will all calls be recorded?

This is an online course so everything will be popped into the private membership Portal for you Once you sign in, you’ll get a unique log-in to the site. You will have access to the online course in the portal for as long as the World Wide Web is around. The live ZOOM calls will be live. If you have questions and you won't be able to be on the live call please do send me the questions or post in the group. 

Do I need to do the program at certain times or can I access the materials anytime I want?

The online resources will be released every week and are available for you to watch in your own time. The live group coaching call is on a set date twice monthly Wednesdays 7-30pm for approximately 1 hour.

Will there be 1:1 coaching available if needed?

Yes you will have the opportunity to book 1:1 coaching sessions with me which is not included in this course. You can book them right from the beginning of the course or decide later in the course. For more information, please send an email to

Woman with Warm Jacket

This true time just for myself. It was a real gift of self love coming here today"

"Thank you Ruth, as always such a nurturing experience. You created a beautiful place to share practice in a safe and loving way, an invitation to be gentle with myself. Just what I needed."
Smiling Woman
".... a real treat.
Ruth has an infectious enthusiasm. 
Highly recommend.
A great experience."
"I feel so much lighter and this will make such a difference to my life."
"An amazing uplifting , nurturing experience. Ruth is a fantastic teacher with a kind loving energy."
"Ruth holds the space in a loving, caring ,open and authentic to who she is. I didn't feel rushed in any way  and felt that what I was saying was important. It was lovely to be cared for in that way."
Above the Clouds_edited.jpg

Beginning Jan 2023

Investment £695


(there are 2 concessionary places email me for details)

Payments to Ruth Bush




Monthly instalments are welcomed please email to arrange

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A Season of Self Care is the cumulation of my own journey and discovery of  self love. 


I spent my early adulthood more concerned to please others, loosing connection with myself, getting carried away on the hamster wheel of life, neglecting self care, comparing myself to others who seemed to have it all together, doing everything and more,  feeling doubtful of my abilities and stuck because of the fear of what others may think of me. Realising that I was not the only one who felt like this I created A Season of Self Care.

I feel equipped to guide you on this journey as I turned things around for myself. If I can do it you can.

For the last 25+ years, self development and growth have been a huge part of my life. My studies in psychology, yoga and Coaching qualifications accelerated my own deep inner growth and transformation. I came to the realisation that ...... 


Coming back to Loving myself and infusing Self Care was like watering a seed, then watching the confidence and self worth grow.

Professional qualifications

I have a degree in Psychology , MA and Post graduate Teaching qualifications. Plus, over 1000 hours of self development and yoga qualifications and  25+ years experience in practice.

I am a Love and Authenticity Practitioner/Coach, Somatic yoga teacher, Reiki 1 and 2 practitioner, Hypopressives facilitator, counsellor and Whole Healer specialising in Self Love, Overwhelm and Burnout. I have been interested in mind body practices for as long as I can remember. I also teach and co-ordinate Teacher Training programs with Heart of Living Yoga.

To gain a greater appreciation of life I have enjoyed additional training in meditation, gentle yoga and relaxation, yoga for ME, children’s yoga, therapeutic yoga, pre and post natal yoga, Somatic yoga and yoga for healthy lower backs.

 A Season of Self Care may not be for you;

  • If you are looking to join this course for venting or feeling sorry for yourself. We are here to uplift and empower each other in growth and love.

  • If you are not prepared to dig in deep and engage in the journey. This course produces results when you participate in the community and resources.  That way we see transformation.

  • If you can’t make yourself and your well-being a priority and dedicate 1-2 hours a week to this course

  • If you are looking for individual therapy, but it can work well along side this. 


Self Care and Self Love ripples into our Confidence, Connection with others and Success in all areas of our lives: this is why it is so important.  

Above the Clouds_edited.jpg

Beginning Jan 2023

Investment £695


(there are 2 concessionary places email me for details)

Payments to Ruth Bush




Monthly instalments are welcomed please email to arrange

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